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#PassOnPlastic (bags)

The country has already done fantastic things and passed-on-plastic(bags).


Thanks to our campaign (along with our charity partners) nine billion fewer plastic bags have been used since the bag charge was introduced. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has already passed on plastic and said no to a plastic bag. You’ve saved enough bags to wrap around the world more than 100 times.

By joining together, and doing one little thing each, together we are making a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. So this Wednesday, we are asking each of our supporters to make a pledge, and DO ONE THING to #PassOnPlastic. Can you say ‘no thank you’ to one more plastic bag – maybe at your corner shop, take away or market?

If everyone who joined us for last year’s Great British Spring Clean passed on one plastic bag, there would be another 300,000 fewer bags used. Together, let’s prevent any more plastic from ending up on our streets, parks, beaches or seas.

On Wednesday 24 January, on it's one-year anniversary, Sky Ocean Rescue is kick-starting a social media campaign, encouraging everyone to make a pledge to #PassOnPlastic.

Share an image with your hand up, make your own pledge, nominate someone else to get involved  and don't forget the #PassOnPlastic hashtag. Maybe something like, "I’m saying no to plastic straws to save our oceans. I nominate <insert name> to #PassOnPlastic!"

We'll be making our pledges to #PassOnPlastic this Wednesday, come join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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