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One man, one massive difference ... our latest Litter Hero

Inspired by good friend Rob Arnold, a fellow relentless beach cleaner and awareness raiser (Rob creates artwork from the litter he collects), Cornish-based Rohan aimed to do an amazing 100 beach cleans last year.

His litter-picking beginnings were part of a wider awakening to eco-issues (including switching to a vegan diet, animal-rights activism and greener living). Litter-picking for just over a year now, he wishes he’d started sooner.

He’s rightly proud of smashing his target, with 110 beach cleans (home and away) in 2017 – and each one shared with his growing followers on social media. But he’s also proud of the difference he’s making to other people’s attitudes and behaviours.


“It’s a great feeling having people tell you that they’ve been inspired by your actions and now whenever they go down to the beach with the kids, or take the dog out, that they’ll take a bag with them to pick up any litter that they see.”


Rohan admits to being “a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to litter picking” and doesn’t really get involved in organised beach cleans. So for the #GBSpringClean weekend, he’s planning on heading down to a nearby beach to "give it a thorough clean."

If, like Rohan, you’d rather clean up alone, please register for our Great British Spring Clean. By us capturing ALL the amazing efforts going on – large or small – we can show how much litter matters to people and strengthen our campaigns in the future.

So what’s next for Rohan and his inspiring journey? Whilst carrying on the litter-picking (and all his other campaigning), he’s turning his attention to the packaging we all use daily.

He believes that, as consumers, the power is in our hands. With a little bit of research or effort, it’s possible to drastically reduce the amount of packaging we consume. As our spending shifts, manufacturers will take note and change will happen. Or as Rohan says, “every pound that you spend is a vote for what you believe in.”

As a final word, we asked our Litter Hero himself for his message for anyone else thinking of getting involved in litter picking …


“Just do it!! You’ll love the fresh air and the exercise, but more importantly the planet needs you. Every single item that you pick up is one less bit of litter destroying the environment.

"This is everyone’s planet and it’s down to all of us to take care of it. So if you see some litter kicking about then take responsibility for it and dispose of it, or better yet recycle it.”


Its inspiring messages like this one that makes Rohan our very-deserving Litter Hero.

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