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Living the eco-friendly life… with Sustainable Stephanie

Meet one of our #LitterHeroes Ambassadors


Sustainable Stephanie - one of our Keep Britain Tidy #LitterHeroes Ambassadors - is not only an environmental expert, holding a Msc in Environmental Science (with a specific interest in sustainable waste management), she's also a social media wiz.

Stephanie has emassed a large following on Instagram, posting environmental updates and helpful tips on simple ways to live more sustainably - and her 'Sustainable Swap Sundays' have become a particular hit amongst followers.

As one of our #LitterHeroes Ambassadors, Stephanie regularly organises litter picks at her workplace and is currently getting ready to take part in our Great British Spring Clean.

Stephanie is passionate about tackling litter pollution and inspiring others to take a responsibility for their local environment. She believes that participating in a litter pick not only benefits your own local environment, it's also a great way to improve mental and physical well-being, as well as meet other like-minded people - we agree.

Living by the River Thames, Stephanie has a heightened concern about how easily rubbish on land can end up in the Thames, or other rivers, where it then gets washed out to sea and ultimately can harm marine life. But it's not all doom and gloom, Stephanie is a strong believer that collective actions can make a significant positive impact, and this is what motivated her to jon our #LitterHeroes Ambassador programme - to help inspire even more people to get involved.

Applications to become a #LitterHeroes Ambassador for 2019 are open between Friday 22 March and Monday 6 May. For more information about the #LitterHeroes Ambassador programme, please contact us.

The #LitterHeroes Ambassador programme is funded by the Postcode Green Trust, supported by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

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