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Flying the flag - applications now open

Celebrating our best public spaces


The spaces around us matter - they help keep us happy and healthy. They are our relaxation, our exercise, our fresh air, our escape, our inspiration, our playgrounds, our holidays, creating our happy memories.

That's why we celebrate and reward the country's very best parks, green spaces, waterways and beaches. Special places that are well managed, welcoming, safe and tidy. Places that are looking to the future - with improvements, innovations and greener working methods. Places for us to use and enjoy, and to pass on to the next generation in an even better condition. 

Applications are now open for this year's Green Flag Award, Blue Flag and Seaside Award. Sites proudly flying their flags are showing the world they are amongst the best of the best. 

Across England there are 1,799 Green Flag Award sites and, through the bathing season, 68 Blue Flags flew with another 117 Seaside Awards. Could your favourite place join them?

This year we want to celebrate, reward, and help to improve, even more special places.

Applications close soon, so find out more and apply now:


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