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Announcing our first Litter Hero Ambassador - could you join him?

We should all care for our local environment but we know that some of you go above and beyond, caring for the environment on not just your own doorstep but on your neighbours’ doorsteps too.

We know there are thousands of #LitterHeroes out there – we regularly see the amazing work you are doing - and we are looking for 99 of you to join our first Ambassador and help us turn the tide on the litter that blights our streets, parks, beaches and, ultimately, our oceans.

Our first Ambassador will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following his journey in the press and on social media.

Wayne Dixon – accompanied by his dog Koda - is a man on a mission. He’s walking the whole UK coastline, picking litter with every step, cleaning up our beaches, streets, cities and countryside. He’s getting thousands of people involved along the way and inspiring many thousands more. He’s visiting schools, joining in with litter-picking events and leaving a legacy of new groups in his wake. In Wayne's own words,

"I feel very honoured to be the first Litter Heroes Ambassador. I am very proud of Keep Britain Tidy for this fantastic initiative, which aims to deliver education throughout Britain on the issues of litter and the effects it is having on our country, our communities, people's well being, on wildlife and the environment.

This will provide positive role models in our society, providing education and empowering more people to take more responsibility for their actions in order to ensure a much cleaner, safer environment and a better quality of life for all. Education with this issue is long over due and urgently needed.  

If you feel as passionate about our country, the people, the wildlife and the environment as I do, then please volunteer to become a Litter Heroes Ambassador and help create a better future."


Not everyone can do what Wayne is doing but we are looking for 99 people who care as much as he does, with infectious enthusiasm and a passion for action, to become Litter Hero Ambassadors for your own local community and help us shape the future of the fight against litter.

With support from the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, we will help you make a difference in your bit of the world.

If you are passionate about the fight against litter, making a difference on your own doorstep and spreading the message further, could you join us? We can support you as a Litter Hero Ambassador and together we’ll clean up this country.

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