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Legal & Enforcement training

Environmental crime is a prevalent issue, impacting areas across the country.

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NEW COURSE - Littering from Vehicles Enforcement


When litter is thrown from a vehicle it can be difficult to identify the offender. 
Legislation to tackle litter louts and those who mindlessly throw rubbish from their vehicles enables local authorities to issue a penalty charge notice to the keeper of a vehicle from which litter is thrown, even if the identity of the person who threw the litter cannot be established.
This course provides an in-depth understanding of the civil procedure, to include the appeal and adjudication process, which must be adopted by any local authority looking to include this enforcement tool in its armory to deal with litter and help improve environmental quality.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the training, candidates will:
- Fully understand the complexities of the civil procedure and layered appeals process for dealing with littering from vehicles.

Price: £350 + VAT per place (£315 + VAT  Network Members)

16th May - Northern venue
5th June - Southern venue

National Enforcement Academy & continued competence courses


Delegates are steered though the process of environmental enforcement, phases of enforcement, roles and responsibilities, conflict management, environmental legislation and its application in practice, witness statement skills, investigations including interviews under caution, the appeals process and preparing evidence to prosecute offenders. 

The highlight is a real life case (ideally held in a courtroom) where delegates are given the role of a witness and are cross-examined by barristers to gain experience of giving oral evidence in court, as well as acting as the jury to determine the outcome of the trial.

National Enforcement Academy 

Price: £1500 +VAT (£1,350 + VAT for Network members)

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Enforcement Academy Continued Competence After two years, we recommend that officers update their knowledge with this refresher course - an integral component to maintaining your WAMITAB accreditation. 

Dates: Please contact us.
Alternatively if you have a number of staff to train, we will deliver in-house.


Issuing Fixed Penalty Notices


This course aims to provide patrolling officers with a full understanding of the law in relation to Fixed Penalty Notices and the practical implications of issuing notices, along with the techniques required to prepare a prosecution case for trial.

Price: £450 + VAT per delegate, £405 + VAT per delegate for Network members or two places for £800 + VAT.

16th April - Nothern venue
24th May - Southern venue


Environmental Legislation - Cradle to Grave and Beyond


This course will provide a complete background and overview of environmental legislation in relation to waste crime. It is applicable to regulation and enforcement issues affecting street scene and local environmental quality.

29th March London
11th June - Northern venue

Price: £450 + VAT per delegate, £405 + VAT per delegate for Network members or two places for £800 + VAT.

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Cleaning up the Neighbourhood  - Vehicle Issues


This course will provide a complete overview of legislation pertaining to powers for tackling vehicle issues in an attempt to clean up the neighbourhood.

Dates: Contact us

Non member price: £450 + VAT per delegate
Network member price £405 + VAT per delegate or two places for £800 + VAT.

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PACE and other legal & enforcement courses


Police and Criminal Evidence Training (PACE)

This course will introduce the essential requirements necessary for inviting suspected offenders to attend a voluntary interview.

Price: £450 + VAT per delegate, £405 + VAT per delegate for Network members or two places for £800 + VAT.

We also run a range of other courses including: Dog Fouling and Control, Scrap Metal, Waste Regulations and Managing Conflict.

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